Friday, January 28, 2011

My Bento Adventure.

Four years ago, I was reading a college friend's blog, Sushi and Schnitzel. Eager to catch up on my buddy's acting ventures and the like, I soon realized, that his blog is written by his wife, Tami. Although I've never met her, I knew immediately, I liked her. She's a lovely writer, and her creative perspective on food, children and the details of life - make me smile and inspire me every time.

So, when I read this entry about making lunches for her son, it stuck with me. At the time, Francis was 3 and George was 1. There was no need for lunch making, but now... there is.

Matt and I have done a lot of lunch making in the last 6 months.

In that time, I've learned a little. 1) Francis likes variety. After giving her PB&J for 4 months, she very politely explained to me that she liked it, she just wanted something else. 2) George likes pretzels, Francis does not. 3) Francis likes applesauce, George does not. 4) There is such a thing as too much food and there such a thing as not enough. 5) George's friend, Grant, eats "Bug Bites" and "Scooby Snacks" and he "wants them too." 6) If you cut fruit, they'll eat it. If you put an apple in their lunch box, it will come back - - the list goes on and on.

Maybe it's the graphic designer who loves all things Japanese or maybe it's my type A, must-organize personality, it's unclear, but the world of Bento boxes has been in my bookmarks bar for years. Soon after our move to Fort Worth last summer, I was reading the local kid magazine and came across a Back To School blurb about a local, mom-owned company called My Square Meal. They sell American made Bento-style lunch boxes for only $10. So, I filed it in my very busy brain at the time and finally, this week... I ordered them!

They arrived and I'm so excited to get started!

I bought 6 (2 for each kid, but I may steal one for myself.)

They look a bit (okay, a lot) like a tackle box.

Spork included. (The kids loved the spork -ha!)

Time to get creative.

We couldn't wait. And because we're snowed in, it seemed like a fun way to break up the day. Picnic on the couch!


Francis and her new Bento.

Even Scout wants one.

So here we go... on our Bento-adventure!

Let me know if you "Bento" and if you have any suggestions or tips. ;)


Victoria - Oak Park said...

Laptop lunches has a cookbook full of great ideas that fit these lunch containers.

Sally said...

Thanks for the tip... I JUST saw this comment. ;)