Friday, January 28, 2011

Love is in the air.

Time for the annual Gulde tradition of creating a family Valentine box. If all goes according to plan, it gets decorated and put in a prominent place at the beginning of February. Valentines are made and dropped in the box for family members for two weeks. I do my best to write one thing I love about each of the kids everyday. On Valentines Day, we sit down at dinner and read them to each other. So fun.

I just wrapped a box with brown paper, put a slit at the top, and the kids glued paper doilies from the dollar store on it. So easy for little hands. Sometimes, okay...a lot of the time, I tend to want to get too complicated with them. It's such a great reminder that a glue stick and some doilies can be a legit craft. No need to pull out paints and all that craziness. ;)IMG_0138IMG_0139Francis taking her job very seriously. ;) IMG_0142 George giving me one of his signature fake smiles. Don't let it fool you though...he loves crafting.IMG_0147 Happy with their creation.

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