Thursday, January 27, 2011

Creative Thursday: Kid Rocks

This week we painted rocks.

First, I had to find the rocks. Finding smooth rocks that are bigger than a quarter proved harder than I thought it would be. After looking in my yard, circling the block, and checking Target, I decided to seek a professional. And after just one trip to Elizabeth Anna's, our neighborhood nursery, my problem was solved. A big milk crate FULL of beautiful, smooth, perfectly sized rocks were mine for $10.

For whatever reason, George wasn't interested and played with his legos instead, but Francis and I worked on them for a couple of hours. We used acrylic paint and I have no idea if they will weather well or not. We also used circle stickers as stencils for eyes which turned out cute I thought.

The results:

My kid rocks (Francis, George and Sam):
Francis, George and Sam Rock

Francis's Mommy and Daddy rocks:
Mommy and Daddy Rock

Francis's "Boo and Sunshine"
"Boo" and "Sunshine" Rock

Francis's "Grumpy"
"Grumpy" Rock

And since it's *almost February, I painted this one and the kids named him "Lovey"
"Lovey" Rock

Francis's Ant hill rock called "Anty":
"Anty" Rock

And this one. They named it "The Claw" because it looked like those little guys from Toy Story 3:
"The Claw" Rock

After we finished painting, George decided he finally wanted in on the fun and worked with us to make up a game called "Toss Rock." Each concentric circle is worth "x" points and whoever gets the most points, wins. Very complex. ;)
Toss Rock

All in all, a great afternoon and it felt great to have a paintbrush in my hand.

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