Thursday, September 09, 2010

For Posterity.

Happy Sam

As I was editing photos tonight, I came across this one of Sam from earlier this week. I was taken back a bit because honestly, it's such an embarrassing rarity to see this kid without (a bunch of) crud on his face.

You always hear people joke about how different you raise your first child and then when you get to the third, fourth, fifth, etc... they just get progressively let off their "leashes." Did I just imply my child was a leashed animal? Never mind that. Anyway, but here I am, raising my third child and I'd be lying through my teeth if I told you I watched him every second and made sure his hands were clean before he ate. Folks, it just doesn't happen everyday.

I will say, for the record, I think I'm an organized person. I would also consider myself a bit of a neat freak. I have been known to file and stamp all my bills "paid" in a binder labeled by month, etc. I also likely have a file with your name on it if you've ever sent me a letter (with said letter in that folder), however, enter three children...and well, I'm just doing my best to kill the ants on the counter because I didn't get the dishes into the sink before the kids bedtime. Yes, that really did happen tonight.

Ah, big sigh. So, I keep hearing it's just a stage. That I'm in the "mom with small children" stage and that somehow magically when my youngest is enrolled in Kindergarten it will all fall back into place. Hmmm... but deep down, I'm thinking that's a big joke. I mean, really, do I really think that George is ever going to flush his own poops? No... probably not. Do I really think Francis is going to stop putting her dirty clothes BACK into her drawer of clean clothes? Hmm...maybe. And Sam...dear little filthy Sam, he's covered in dirt most of the time and I think he likes it. I would hate to make him change.

I think, life is evolving for me and ... even if my house is a disaster when you drop by, it's gonna be alright. As long as they keep smiling - everything will be just fine. Maybe even our own little version of perfect.

Oh, and since I'm editing's another one of Sam from this week... a more accurate window into his world. Playing on the deck in the rain... in his pajamas...around noon...

Sam playing on the deck in the rain.


Darla said...

My God, Sam looks so much like his brother in that first picture it's a bit scary. They have the same smile.

Anyway, Sally, your children are happy, healthy, smart, fun, independent, well-behaved, and beautiful. It looks to me like you're doing pretty well with the "small children" stage.

If you get some time, watch the film, "Babies." I was really surprised at how some of the babies were constantly what we would call filthy. But I was also confronted with how ridiculously sterile we keep our children here in America. I wonder what experiences our children are missing out on because we don't want them to get or stay dirty? A dirty child, I'm learning, is one that is experiencing the world with his whole self. So good for Sam, and good for you. Keep up the mess and let me know if you find a really good way to kill ants. :-)

Keith said...

Joelle managed to get peaches plastered on the side of her head and hair this morning. And 14 hours later she is sleeping with peaches on the side of her head and in her hair.

Sally said...

Darla, man, I miss you. What I wouldn't do for a walk around that crappy Amarillo mall right now with you. ha! I'll let you know about the ants...

Lyndsey, I just laughed out loud. That is exactly the kind of affirmation I was looking for.

kate said...

Here's how I see it: While I appreciate order and cleanliness, I have to admit that I'm at my happiest when I'm covered in paint, or dirt, or food... sleeping when I'm supposed to be working, or making some kind of creative mess when I'm supposed to be sleeping, or playing in the rain on the deck in my pajamas at noon. If that's what happiness feels like to me at 35, I'm guessing it's not so different for my 20 month old. A little fingerpaint up our noses is probably not going to kill us.

We miss you guys madly. Sending all kinds of crud-encrusted hugs and kisses.

Dani said...

So glad to know that Stan isn't the only kid who wears his PJ's, sometimes all day long!!

Sally said...

Ha... Dani, definitely not the only kid! ;)