Thursday, September 09, 2010

Is it just me?


Or do you heat up your coffee all morning? I remember being horrified going to restaurants with my mom when I was younger...who am I kidding? I'm STILL horrified going to restaurants with my mom because she always ALWAYS asks if their coffee is fresh and then insists, regardless of their answer, (no exaggeration) that they make her a fresh pot. She is totally obsessed with having a very hot cup of coffee.

I'm tempted to continue giving details and making fun, except... well... I think I'm turning into my mother.

I haven't crossed over into demanding a fresh pot at a restaurant, but I swear if I don't find myself reheating my cup of coffee 2 or 3 times a morning before i actually get the darn thing finished. I know, it's a little coo coo... I accept that... I'm just curious if I'm alone out there or if it's just me and Ma Carns?


sarah donoghue devitre said...

sally. i hate and love this. i used think it was gross to warm up coffee. and judge my in-laws and mom for doing so. secretly judge that is. yet at 11a this morning after microwaving my first cup of coffee from 9.30 or so, i realize i need to just keep this one in my pocket.

love reading your posts.

Sally said...

Seriously Sarah... I didn't even discuss the gross factor. I hilariously go through the trouble of making the greatest Illy cup of French press coffee and the nuke the damn thing. What is wrong with me? lol

Seeker said...

not only do I do this-- I also re-heat yesterday's brew- and I embarrassed to tell you this, you with your french-press amazingness

alexia said...

hey sally!
Hope all is well with you, I was recently commenting on the blog of melody miller, whom I had just met at Quiltmarket last week, and saw a comment from you! Too funny, small world. I think you also mentioned marisa, whom I also met at market! Such talented girls, I'd love to hear how you are...and do you sew these days? If so I'd love to send you one of my patterns :)
e-mail me sometime xoxoxo