Saturday, September 11, 2010

¡Vamonos Lily B!

This afternoon we joined our new friends from Lily B. Elementary and took part in the Hispanic Heritage parade in downtown Fort Worth. Many of Francis's classmates are hispanic and so we thought we'd join in the fun and help support her school. We had such a great time! We all met new friends and Dad got to entertain the kids with his awesome juggling skills. I even heard Francis tell the girl next to her, "That's my dad!"

I love my husband.

Our float, chanting "¡Vamonos Lily B!" and "Who are we? LilyB!"
Our float!

Mi hijo:
Jorge Gulde

The Lily B Elementary crew:
The Lily B crew.

Francis and George:
The kids, post Hispanic Heritage Parade

Dad entertaining the kids with his juggling skills!
What a sweet Daddy! :)

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