Sunday, March 16, 2008

Woodturning #4: Figured Maple Bowl

maple bowl
Originally uploaded by ..Sally..
I bought this piece of figured maple from Rockler a couple of weeks ago when Francis, George, and I drove out their anniversary sale. As far as I can tell, "figured" means that the wood has some sort of irregularity in its grain. This one has a few little dark threads making a cloudy patch (the edge of it is visible on the lower left of this picture), giving a more interesting look to the bowl.

I learn something every time I put wood on the lathe, but I make so many mistakes. For the time being, I've given up trying to make natural-edged bowls from fresh wood -- after a few catastrophic mistakes turned a couple hours of work into firewood. I really need either a class or a mentor.


Patrick said...

Holy smokes Matty. Thats a damn good looking bowl. The trees are no longer safe.

I am really stoked to do a little lathing next time I am in Chicago..

The Olson Family said...

where's mine?..........your loving sister......J