Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jesus in the Door

It's another miracle! After living under His loving gaze for years, New Jersey couple Wendy and Jerry finally recognized the image of Jesus in the wood grain of their closet door. They're sharing the discovery and their interpretation of the message that God is sending to us:

"The door and pictures of it should not be considered or used as an idol, but rather thought of as a means of contact by God and His demonstration that He is alive and well and watching over all of us."

Thanks, Wendy and Jerry. With jesus there watching over you, maybe there's hope for us all.

See our previous coverage of miraculous appearances.

Thanks, Michael, for pointing this out.


Kristen said...

I love these posts from you, Matt. I know no matter what you'll always be scouring the Web to report on news of the wacky.

tami said...


funny and scary all at the same time. :)