Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Emergency" Maternity Shoot

I got an "emergency" maternity shoot call from a dear friend of mine about 10am this morning. She told me that she was headed to the hospital at 3pm today to be induced so it was now or never for belly shots! This is her 3rd (and likely last baby) and she still hadn't had a professional maternity shoot! So I loaded up my camera bag and headed to her house. No woman should go without maternity shots, ladies! I've also heard women say they're "too big." They wished they had had them taken when they were 7-8 months prego. Well, this is about as late in your pregnancy as you can get - and look at how beautiful she is. Seriously, isn't she glowing. I'm heading to the hospital this evening and hoping to document the birth as well - sort of a "day in the life of" shoot. Very exciting... I love newborns...

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