Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Woodturning Videos

Here's an example of a company doing the little things right. Jet Tools has posted a number of these woodturning instructional videos on YouTube. They're great because (1) not everyone has time for woodworking classes; and (2) they're available, for free, online. These videos strike me as unusual because copyright holders are so often reluctant to set their creations free in the Internet wilderness. Jet has apparently determined that encouraging the proper use of their tools is more important that wringing a few extra dollars out of the video market.

Isn't it refreshing when a company isn't evil? These days, it seems like the companies that are so eager for your dollars are almost equally eager to sue you for copyright infringement, share your private data, sell you an inferior product (double win for the maker: it's cheaper to build, and you'll have to buy a replacement sooner!), et cetera, et cetera. When I find a company that actually serves its customers, I'm excited to share it with you - the handful of people who visit this blog. That's the motivation for my lengthy Netflix posts. So, good for you Jet Tools. Thanks for the videos.

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The Olson Family said...

I have another non-evil company for you: bass pro shops. They have chosen to re-ship a reel when the original was clearly lost by the US Postal Service: an incompetent government run agency whose climate sparks psychotic rampages amongst its employees. Thanks bass pro shops! Keep up the capitalism.