Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Taking a Snowy Day Walk

Originally uploaded by ..Sally..
Yesterday Francis, George and I played and took a walk down our snowy street. Typically, I kind of dread the idea of getting the kids all bundled up and heading into the freezing cold. But yesterday was a little different. It was actually warm. And when I say warm, I mean about 30º. Some people may think that's crazy talk, but around here... that's outside play weather. I think the official policy at Francis's school is anything under 20º they play inside. Anyway, it was surprisingly balmy.

We came inside after an hour and were soaked from head to toe. Sometimes such excursions = awesome long nap. No luck, George slept for maybe an hour and Francis didn't sleep at all. Oh well, we still had a great time.


lauren said...

What a gorgeous photograph. You are very talented!! It's 79 today in Texas :(

Sally said...

Thanks Lauren - I'm learning! And geez, 79º in Texas today. It's just not fair. ;)

We have projected "thundersnow" for the morning...what's that?!

Drew, Amber and Megan said...

Those pictures were amazing! Thanks for sharing, man those were good!

tami said...

beautiful photo!!!