Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Goodbye Old Friends

Originally uploaded by Sally Carns.
Tragedy has hit our street... Dutch Elm. It's a horrible tree disease that is highly contagious. The fifth tree to get it was cut down today... a beautiful GIANT elm tree. As you can see these beauties line our street, but now there is a big bare spot. So so sad. I actually started to tear up this morning watching them cut it down. We've got our fingers crossed that it doesn't completely wipe out the street.

I did, however, manage to convince the tree service guys to give us a 4ft. chunk of the tree so Matt's planning on turning some bowls with it. At least we'll have something nice to remember our old friends.


Kristen said...

so sad about the tree. i can't wait to see what matt will do with the remains!

Kirsten said...

We lost both our dutch elm trees...one before we moved in and the other after. Watching them chop down the tree and chip out the stump was a highlight of Luke's week and a low point for us. Such a bummer.

I have heard that the trees aren't supposed to be used for anything since the beetles in the wood carry the disease. Maybe that's just related to firewood...