Monday, August 06, 2007

Baby George is now Boy George

Originally uploaded by Sally Carns.

On extremely short notice, we had a handful of friends over on Sunday to eat Dominick's pizza (not Domino's, but Dominick's, right out of the deli fridge) and eat cake and celebrate George's first year.

Francis, our self-appointed baking advisor, said that George needed a tiger cake so that's what he got. While it was a happy tiger, George was still pretty startled by the sight. But unlike his sister on the occasion of her first birthday, he did not SCREAM while we sang Happy Birthday.

Matt made balloon animals, perhaps starting a new Gulde birthday party tradition. In his first turn at balloon sculpture, he built a repertoire of four varieties: poodle, dachsund, giraffe, and hat. (Please, please click on that "hat" link. It's the best picture in the lot).

Thanks to all our friends who were able to make it with only a few hours' notice, giving our little guy his best birthday yet.


Kristen said...

i love your summary of the big day. i just wish i'd been there to eat some delicious but startling cake and sugar cookies.

Kristen said...

i also love the title of this. hilarious... as usual!