Thursday, August 09, 2007

Ladies Night

Sexy Mommas
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Last Friday night myself and a crew of my girlfriends, all mommas, went dancing in downtown Chicago. (Mind you, I haven't been dancing in over 6 years and this girl likes to shake her groove thang. ) You'd think, that I would have been out of my mind excited, but to tell you the truth, I had all kinds of anxiety about going.

First, I had NOTHING to wear. At least I'm smart enough to know that Tevas and cargos aren't appropriate for a night on the town. Currently, my wardrobe is a sad, sad state of affairs. It's full of maternity/post maternity/loosing weight after baby t-shirts and jeans. That, combined with my life consisting of going to the library and the park with two kids, let's just say...not so sexy.

And if you're going out once every 6 years, sexy is a must. Enter, friend Rachel and neighbor Maureen. These ladies always look like a million bucks. Rachel came over with a pile of clothes and Maureen gave me some sparkly earrings to wear. I typically wear fake pearls or diamond studs...both of which are lost at the moment and I've been wearing nothing for months now. I am a lost cause. What can I say? I've got to get better at this. At any rate, mission "Transform Sally" was complete. I had something to wear and felt much better about going.

Nevermind, I am 33, married, and now have the glorious post pregnancy "muffin top" waistline...maybe now, with the right clothes and club lighting, I would blend in.

We arrived at the Funky Buddha around 9:45. How did we decide where to go? I wish I could post the string of emails (there were 32) that were exchanged among this group of ladies. It was so funny. There was a lot of internet research and consulting of younger siblings and coworkers. After having to ditch our first choice of going to the Underground (because Kanye West was having a private party there) we settled on the Funky Buddha. The website said the age range was 25-50...ha.

We had a great time. A little out of practice, Lauren forgot her ID and had to drive all the way home to get it. And a little rusty on the dance floor, but soon it was all laughs and good times. I created a new dance move... it was the "look at my ring finger" dance. That seemed to weed out most of the creeps. One guy, in fact, appreciating my effort, bought me a drink and said, "Have a great time with your girlfriends tonight." So, I count that as a success. A free drink. I still got it. ;)

It was a great time. Not more fun than eating breakfast everyday with Francis and George or watching back -to-back episodes of 24 on the couch with Matt, but a different kind of fun. Just a great night out by myself, with my girlfriends. Thanks Ladies. I needed it.

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