Thursday, July 26, 2007

Finished Kitchen

Originally uploaded by The Gulde Family.
There have been two kitchens under construction around here lately. Here is the smaller one; it is finished.

Since you last saw this kitchen, I've added a plywood back, brass faucet (see inset a), steel-grate oven shelf (b), knobs (c), black grip-tape burners (d), a shelf in the left cabinet, and a few coats of paint and varnish.

This was so much fun to build, and I can only hope that Francis has not outgrown playing with toy kitchens in the time it took to build it.


Sally said...

Well, it's MOSTLY finished. Now I have to make a little curtain for her window. ;)

Kristen said...

wow, that is super duper cute!

let's just hope francis will actually play with it now, right? ;-)

Sally said...

Oh, no worries... that girl LOVES to play with the kitchen. In fact, she woke up an hour ago and hasn't left it yet. Even Georgie loves it!