Tuesday, July 24, 2007

MOVIE: Watch Out Charlotte!

This morning I had the pleasure of babysitting cutie-pants Charlotte. She is one of Francis's best friends. We did it all. We played doctor, ate goldfish, drew on the chalkboard, rode our horse porch swing, and buckled up the babies and headed to our local lunch spot, The Buzz, for a nice big plate of mac n' cheese. Thanks for a great day! And Charlotte, Watch Out!
*As a sidenote: As I was doing Francis's hair in the morning, Charlotte said she wanted her hair done too. No surprise. Pigtails and bows. Aren't they cute?!


Kristen said...

I'm with Francis. I wanna go very high, too! I love both girls' pigtails. I'll have you know (but not don) that I spent $35 on hairbows this week just so I could put a bow in each pigtail... not just in the middle like I'd been doing... did you see those pictures on the slide? Bree made so much fun of me for that! I take it you're paying too much attention to the camera angle detail to pay attention to just how cute Rosa Jane is these days and what I'm doing with her hair. (she giggles and signs off.)

Kristen said...

Kudos for catching us all up on your blog. You're still focusing too much on Francis. I suspect she's your real favorite.

I'd like to see a spotlight on Georgie for instance.

Also, I like the thumbnail images you picked for the vimeo slideshow. Funny expressions from Francis Pantsis. Now if only I could see more Georgie!!!

I've got a girl for him, remember??

Sally said...

Point well taken. It's so easy to focus in on her because she's talking and walking. ;)

From here on out... I'm a changed blogger mom.

And yes, I DID notice the bow in the middle of RJ's head... but unlike Bree, I thought it was cute. What does Bree know? ;)

However, $35? Wew, girlfriend, go to Claires!