Friday, January 26, 2007

Dog Door Jesus

In the fine tradition of showing up in unexpected places, the image of Jesus has appeared on a doggie door just outside of San Bernadino, California.

This story tells how two dogs were headed for the pound because of bad behavior until Jesus became their personal savior. Their owners saw the image of jesus on the doggie door, and decided to give the misbehaving dogs another chance.

"I'm probably not going to become a born-again evangelist, but I cannot deny that I think there was a spirit of redemption at work," said Roger Bowman, 41.

We here at are devoted to bringing you miraculous-appearance news. We're sad to report that the nun bun is still missing.

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Kristen said...

thank you for staying committed to bringing us the very latest in miraculous appearances. i can say for sure the roedner ranch would still be in the dark about such sightings if it wasn't for you people.