Thursday, January 25, 2007

All Aboard for Cupcakes!

The Choo Choo
Originally uploaded by The Gulde Family.
We went to a restaurant called "The Choo Choo" yesterday with Becca Brown and kids. It's much like the place we went last Saturday, "Snackville Junction." Both places are train themed burger joints geared towards kids and feature model trains that serve up your burgers and dawgs. That's right... the train comes to your table! It's really fun. However, The Choo Choo wins the Guldes vote at being the best burger train joint in the Chicagoland area. It was more like a classic 50's diner, served Coke products and the best part... they had cupcakes with train whistles on top. Who can ask for more than that?

Oh, another story: Francis was trying to get my attention today and kept saying "Mommy, Mommy" at my feet while I was trying to hold George and do something. Finally, I bent down to her level and said, "Yes, Francis what is it? What do you need?" and she said, "I have a secret. I want to tell you my secret." So I said, "Oh great, Francis, I love secrets! What is it?" She rather forcefully moved my head around with her two hands so she could tell me in my ear and she whispered, " I love you."

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Fulmer Fam said...

I just love this picture, every time!