Tuesday, February 07, 2006


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One of the great things about living in Oak Park is having our own garage. When we lived in Bucktown, we shared a garage with eleven other cars. Moving here in May, I had bold plans for our new private area.

It's taken me about half a year, but I've finally assembled a workspace out there. I covered the walls with pegboard (bought cheaply from an art student downtown - thus the blue color), set up my dad's workbench, and bought myself a tablesaw.

On Sunday, I began - and finished - my first modest project: this plywood bin. It's two feet long and about four inches deep. The holes allow hanging on pegboard, and the dividers slip in and out of their slots for variable bin size.

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imron said...

Very nicely done project with the bin. It's quite the woodshop in there, I must say, and makes me want a garage too. In t he m eantmie, I'd like: a magazine rack, a bills box, and two half-size bookshelves. Thanks!

Donoghue Nation said...