Monday, February 06, 2006

Unreasoning Enthusiasm

A person marked or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm, as for a cause.

At Christmas, Sally's family gave me a gift that fed my inner fanatic: an LP of the Empire Strikes Back soundtrack - signed by all of the major cast members and John Williams. At age 31, I'm only truly fanatical for one thing: Notre Dame Football. At one point in my life, though, I was a true fanatic for Star Wars movies. As a child, I collected the action figures. I saw the movies on opening day, and multiple times in the first week. I choreographed lightsaber duels (alone, of course) with my brother's Star Wars vinyl playing at full blast. Even now, somewhere in my heart, I believe that deep universal truths are revealed by the original trilogy of Star Wars movies.

When I wrote about Darth Vader's blog back in April, Sherrie saw it and understood that I am a fanatic at heart. Thank you all for the fantastic gift.

In the spirit of unreasoning enthusiasm, check out this house. Gus and Pam have assembled a collection of Star Wars memorabilia unmatched outside of Skywalker Ranch. Be sure to check out the link to Gus and Pam's first basement room. There, you will find a trophy case with the high school and college yearbooks of several Star Wars cast members. That's impressive. A touch creepy, but impressive.


im said...

Did you see the "Cereal Room" at that Bobacabana link? Not only unreasoning, but unreasonable?

Anonymous said...

Actually, all houses in Seattle are decorated like this. Hadn't you heard? It was a city ordinance proposed by Paul Allen. You should SEE what we've done with our bathroom :)