Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Jeff and Lou

My brother was a football manager at Notre Dame in 1985 and 1986. Back in the days before wireless headsets, one intrepid student manager had to trail Lou Holtz during the entire game and make sure he didn't trip over his headset wires. I'm sure there were other duties to this position, but that was probably the most important.

1986 ND v. Michigan State was Jeff's game as headset manager. Jeff's loving wife, Denise, found a copy of the game (on DVD no less!) and gave it to Jeff as a belated Christmas gift. Read the full story here.

Correct me if I'm wrong, Jeff, but I think that's Darryl "Flash" Gordon glaring at you. I just googled him to see what he was up to:

Darryl Gordon, a starting outside linebacker for the 1988 National Champion football team, has kept busy since earning his BA and MSA from ND. First trying his hand as an entrepreneur (Gordon's R&C Auto Service, U-Haul Rentals Equipment), he will soon earn his Juris Doctorate at the Northern Kentucky University Chase College of Law, where he is president of the Black Law Student Association. A tutor/mentor with the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative Program, he remains active with ND as chair of the Notre Dame Club of Greater Cincinnati minority outreach program.

This information is from 2002, so by this time, he's probably applying that glare to opposing counsel somewhere.

Anyway, good job Denise! And Jeff, you were looking good!


Anonymous said...

A brief comment, I must do some research to make sure I provide you with factual information (I'm 40 now and my memory is not so good, LOL), but I will post back ASAP.
Jeff aka "TEX"

Donoghue Nation said...

Wow that is fantastic -- what an honor. Jeff, any good stories from that day? Did Lou ever give you a "good job, kid" swat on the pants like one of the players?

Gulde, if I find that photo of me in Simeon Rice's locker in 1996, will you post my brush with Div I greatness?