Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Francis Loves to Read

Francis Loves to Read
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The other day, I went to Roxanne's to pick up Francis. Roxanne said to me, "all day long, Francis brings me books and wants to read them with me." I asked if Francis first hands her the book, then backs up and sits down on her. "That's it," she said. Matt and I know that move well: you can almost hear the "beep beep" of a heavy truck in reverse just before she plops down your lap.

Incidentally, "beep beep" is one of the few phrases that Francis can say. Ask her how the car goes, and that's what she'll tell you. The others: Mommy, Daddy, up, off, ga ga (means cookie), please (rare, and sounds like peas), eye, ba ba (bottle, not sheep sound), NO!, scout (sounds like scow), and baby (sounds like b-b).

In this picture, Francis is reading about Dick and Jane by herself on the bottom step at our house. We're pretty impressed with her patience; she'll spend quite a bit of time going through a book page by page. Then she closes it, goes back to the beginning, and starts over again.

Sign of progress: she doesn't look at books upside-down any more.

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