Friday, February 03, 2006

Egg-Suckin' Dog

View this clip on Vimeo

As you may have noticed, we allowed our account to lapse. No big deal, except that you have lost access to the pictures and video clips we had posted there. You can click on this link: baby battles beast for control of a vegetable or you can just push the play button above.



Fulmer Fam said...

Hey thanks for the heads up on the video thing, I kept meaning to ask how you did it, but now I know and don't have to ask and can just act intelligent like I knew how to get there all along :) Also, so why can you not believe how darn cute my kid is, he is my kid after all and he looks just like his handsome daddy, my handsome husband :)

donr said...

Whew. Well. Here's my takeaway, now that I'm done laughing. The fact that Francis is still with us suggests that I can be less meticulous about washing my hands with antibac before I let RJ - who brings new meaning to the words "oral stage of infancy" - suck on my fingers...