Wednesday, April 06, 2011

We Should Start Blogging Again

The kids were asking about their birthdays tonight at bedtime. Not their upcoming birthdays, but their second birthdays. We had a hard time coming up with some of the details. A lot of the details, actually. So I went into the blog archive and pulled up this post. I'd forgotten George's turn of phrase:

"George's favorite food is probably either waffles or pancakes. He will eat two very large pancakes, pausing only to demand, 'need more butter' several times per cake."

I'm sad to have let these moments slip from my mind, but grateful to have written them down. So, at the same age that I tried to capture George, here are some things that make our Sam our Sam.

Sam is a dancer. We've known this for a long time. Sally had an old party CD with "Mambo No. 5" that found its way into the minivan. Every time it came on, year-old Sam would start dancing --- mainly shoulders with a little grin. Play Mambo No. 5, and Sam would start moving his shoulders, even if he was half asleep.

The dancing has continued. Two weeks ago, he entertained the upper deck at the TCU-Houston baseball game with his moves. Every time a TCU batter came up, they played a theme song, and Sam jumped off the bench to shake it.

Sam's first word, beyond mommy and daddy, was "help!" Appropriate for third-born, I think.

Sam has a special relationship with Scout. He gives the dog hugs and kisses, and sometimes sits on him, saying "eee-ha!"

Just like Francis used to give her scary face, Sam loves to show how strong he is. He clenches his fists and teeth and poses when asked.

Sam's not climbing out of the crib yet, but he'll climb anything else. He loves to go up and down the playset that we inherited from the Blacks. Mischievous, too: his daily forays into the pantry forced us to install child locks on the doors.

Sam is a blanket hoarder. My mom made him a yellow one that he loves, but he also must have George's blue blanket. He calls them his "di-dis" and sleeps with both of them whenever he can.

Our Sam loves the water. He rolls around in the bathtub like an otter. In the pool, he puts his face under and comes up smiling.

He is currently the only child who says "go irish" without irony.

I love who this kid is. Can't wait to see who he becomes.

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