Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finding Friends in a new place is hard.

It's hard to say I'm lonely when I'm surrounded by my favorite people all day, but here I am, in a new place, looking for a kindred spirit. Making new friends as an adult with small children can be such a hilariously awkward and painful experience. You have so little time between naps, snacks and pickup times. And assuming you do find that precious few minutes, you'll be lucky not to be interrupted by a polite little request to help wipe your sweet little one's booty. It's a wonderful thing, really, when they poop in the actual pot, but wiping the booty, well... oh, who I am kidding? I'll miss wiping their little butts when they're all grown up.

It's just one of those grass is always greener things, I think. While their young, you wish you had more time and when they grow up and you do have more time, you miss them. So, maybe the lesson is just to live in the now and not worry about the friends part. They will come... like in Field of Dreams, I'll build my happy little Fort Worth version of home and the pals will come. Right?

And in the meantime, being alone isn't so bad. There's more time for introspection and catching up on laundry.


Susan Carns said...

I LOVE this video. The girls and I watched it and...L couldn't pull her eyes off of it, sweet stuff.

Seeker said...

I agree making new friends in a new place is hard!! That's why I'm so glad I got so lucky that you moved in around the corner! :)

Steve and Amy Lou said...

love you, sal. Wish you were my OP neighbor again. Those days were the best! (and I hear you about making new friends...its been two years and I've yet to find a TRUE kindred spirit.