Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Publicity for Our Neighborhood

Yesterday, Crain's Chicago Business magazine published a story praising our neighborhood in Oak Park, the Harrison Arts District. This is good timing, as we are trying to sell our house and move to Texas.

"It's very trendy right now," says Ms. Bovio, 32, a stay-at-home mother, of
the neighborhood built around the Oak Park Arts District on Harrison Street.
"It's a little piece of the city in Oak Park."

If you're selling a place, I guess there are worse things to be than "trendy." Still, I hadn't seen it that way, or even as a "little piece of the city." These are 90-year old homes beneath a canopy of 90-year old elms lining brick-paved streets. Walking the streets, you feel tradition, not trend. Even above these atmospherics, the best thing about our neighborhood is our neighbors. We know and enjoy a lot of them, and that seems very un-cityish. Anyway, it's a great place to live, and it's nice to see Crain's spreading the word.

In conclusion, please buy our house.

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