Thursday, July 31, 2008

George turned two yesterday.  No gifts or cake yet; we just hugged him and sang to him.  On Saturday, we'll be having a joint party for him and Francis (if you're reading this and didn't get your invitation, you should come anyway - 10 to 1).

As the second child, George's milestones sometimes arrive with little fanfare.  Let's review some of his exploits here.

George is a climbing fiend.  Not only can he get into a high chair by himself, but he started climbing out of the crib a couple weeks ago.

George also loves books.  The other day, he crawled out of his crib, grabbed two books, put them into his crib, then climbed back in and examined them.

George is very loving, and also very physical.  He gives hugs and kisses freely, but just this evening, he followed up a hug to Sally with (1) a vicious head-butt and (2) gloating laughter.

George's favorite food is probably either waffles or pancakes.  He will eat two very large pancakes, pausing only to demand, "need more butter" several times per cake.

George loves the color green, so much so that he sometimes identifies other colors as green.

If you ask George if he loves his daddy, he will usually reply, "no.  Mommy."

George hates changing clothes.  It's not just the action of changing; he actually prefers the clothes he's been wearing.  He fights to prevent their removal and then tries to put them back on.  This applies to both pajamas and day clothes.  Yesterday, he wore his pajama top all day -- the result of a deal in which he consented to changing his pants.

We love you, George.  Keep up the good work.

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America said...

I love it! What is with boys, I mean they are totally little men, I love you but.... head but, hahaha. Thomas typically wears his PJ top to most occasions. Also, so you are really doing the joint party thing? I am really debating on this since Scott will be home on leave for 18 days the day after Thomas' birthday and three days after Lib's, what is a mom to do?