Saturday, April 05, 2008

Woodturning #5: Cherry Bowl

cherry bowl
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A couple months ago, a neighbor asked me if I wanted any wood from two trees cut from his father's yard. He dropped off a very large oak log and a couple smaller cherry logs. There was enough cherry for four bowls. This was the fourth attempt, and the only one worth a damn -- although, as you can see, it's no good for cereal.

This bowl shows off one of my favorite things about woodturning. When my friend gave me the wood, there was no way to know it contained this interesting inclusion. When I cut into it this afternoon, I saw that a partial ring in the interior had rotted away. Even seeing that, I didn't know exactly what this would end up looking like until I had removed a lot of wood.

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The Olson Family said...

I like it.....hole and all. :) Jen