Thursday, November 08, 2007

Things Francis Says

Francis is at an age where she's constantly saying things that make us laugh and ponder. This week, she made us wonder if she's communing with her deceased ancestors.

"When I was a baby," she said, "Grandpa Joe held me over a hundred times."

"Then we went to the park. I rode in the backseat of his truck. Then we got hungry, and we ate tree apples."

"Tree apples?" Sally asked.

"Tree apples, with branches," Francis clarified. "Grandpa Joe loves tree apples and asparagus."

Grandpa Joe is my dad, and her namesake. If Francis had been born twenty-two years earlier, she would have gotten to meet him in the flesh. But for now, she meets with my dad in some dreamworld of tree apples and asparagus. I wouldn't mind visiting sometime.


katherine petillo said...

i want to go there too! sounds like a great place.

Kristen said...

what a comforting thought.