Monday, November 12, 2007

Things Francis Says #2

Francis: Do you want to hear my song?

Sally: Yes, please.

Francis: (singing) I love hearts and hearts and I love them; and I hate dogs, la la la la la

Do you like my song?

Sally: I love your song, except for the part where you said you hate dogs. It's not nice to say you hate something, so why don't you say "I don't like dogs."

Francis: (singing) I love hearts and hearts and hearts; and I don't like dogs because I hate them.


Kristen said...

funny. very funny.

Drew, Amber and Megan said...

what's funny is today I was looking through boxes of pictures..found the christmas card that has her naught or nice caption! And I found a picture of her that made me laugh out loud, she was sitting in cloudy soft white puffs and wearing a santa outfit, the look on her face knowing what she looks like now was so cool. Seriously it was way funny.

katherine petillo said...

i needed that laugh. so cute! see you sunday!!! do you think francis will perform an encore?