Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Georgie is starting to sort-of-walk...

Originally uploaded by Sally Carns.
In the last week or so George has started to take a few steps here and there. This morning he took a few and landed face first into our coffee table. By mid afternoon his right cheek was turning a nice shade of blue. I imagine this is just going to be a way of life around here for awhile. Georgie is going to be black and blue and I'm going to turn grey.


The Olson Family said...

Owie ! Oh the joy of boys. I distinctly remember our 6 hour adventure in the ER with 27 stitches in David's forehead. Every time I look at the scar, I cringe. I totally understand the "turning grey" aspect. Hugs and kisses to our "busy" nephew !

Fulmer Fam said...

Yep, Thomas was not fully walking until 18 months! Wash that grey right out of your hair!