Sunday, July 08, 2007

Georgie's New Chair

George's New Chair
Originally uploaded by The Gulde Family.
It's a wonderful thing to have a handy husband. Not only do I benefit from having custom built closets, but the kids are beginning to stockpile quite a few heirlooms. Matt is finishing up an adorable little kitchen for Francis and has also made a great table and chairs set. This past weekend, I said, "Matt, I'd really love to have a little chair with arms for George so he doesn't tip over." And a few hours later, he came in from the garage with this. It's perfect. I love it and of course, Georgie does too. Good job sweet husband.


Fulmer Fam said...

That is the cutest chair, especiall from the side.

The Olson Family said...

your 2 nephews are putting in an order for Christmas.........."we LOVE YOU Uncle Matt!"