Sunday, April 01, 2007

MOVIE: Happy Tapping with Francis

Zoo Tapping on Vimeo

We bought Francis some tap shoes a couple of weeks ago and she absolutely loves them. The shoes are on the short list of things that have changed my life as a parent. We went to the zoo last week and she insisted on wearing them. Initially, I thought this was a bad idea... some of you know that tap shoes can be a little "slick" and so when she's wearing them, I find myself peeling a sad little monkey off the ground every 15 mintues. However, I soon realized that the little extra drama might be worth it. We happened upon a record breaking day of attendance at the zoo and lucky for me, I knew where Francis was at all times. I would find myself having to turn around and not have her in my eyesight for whatever reason, but no worries. I could here little Francy tap tapping right behind me.

This clip is her tapping on the elephant scale in the Pachyderm house at Brookfield Zoo.
p.s. Brace yourself, summer is coming and you will be overwhelmed with zoo photos and footage.


The Gulde Gang said...

A tip from someone that's been there...put a piece of gray tape on the bottom of the shoe. Solves the "slick" issue (I can't take credit for this one...the tap teacher taught me this). Like we need more drama as the mothers of little girls:) love, dg

Drew, Amber and Megan said...

Watch out Shirley Temple! I still can't stop watching the tooth brushing episode!

Kristen said...

I love the girl. I love the shoes and I love the dress! You thought you could sneak it past me. ;-)

katherine petillo said...

that couldn't be a more perfect stage. another gulde that dance, no surprise! we were talking with the abegg's the other night about the good old days and some of sally's dance moves ;)

Steve said...

That's a great video. Our Avery loves to watch Happy Feet with her dance shoes on. Drives us nuts on our wood floor, but she has a blast.
Looks like you have a future Highstepper, Sally.