Friday, March 02, 2007

The Animals Are Coming

Here is another installment in the Silly Music Project: The Animals Are Coming. All vocals and half-assed percussion are my own. The arrangement is inspired by, or ripped off of, two sources: Marshall Bartholomew's version of The Animals a-Comin', and a scene from the movie Glory. If you've seen the movie, you'll understand that it's odd inspiration for a children's song. Still, ever since I started singing the Bartholomew version in college, I thought the words fit the cadence of the Glory meditation particularly well.

Of the many scenes from the movie that have stuck with me through the last fifteen years, this one most affects me. The men of the all-black 54th Regiment of the Union army are preparing to lead an extraordinarily dangerous raid on the Confederate Fort Wagner. As the men sing together in prayer, they blend faith and fear and love in a way that makes me embarrassed to present my little imitation here. If you have not seen the movie, go rent Glory tonight.


Pat said...


Nice work on Sunshine... Especially the last verse.

Animals was good, couldn't quite get over the Glory rip off though.

Keep em coming.


Matt said...

Yeah, that 's exactly my problem with it. Maybe Francis and George can enjoy it until they see that movie.

Kristen said...

we like 'em! I'd love to see Francis' reaction to the songs. I miss Gulde videos.

Alison said...

Matt, these are AWESOME!!! I love it! Especially, little bunny foo foo, I always sing that one to Danica. Can't wait to hear the other installments.