Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's not too late. You can have a Macbook Pro too!

You're in luck! They have another macbook pro offer listed!

For more info and tips, go to or just give me a call.
Good Luck!


The offering company, NuiTech (or maybe they're called Net Radiance), has drastically altered the terms and conditions of their agreement (link here). Apparently, they've had enough of the Josh Clarks of the world, and have deemed the practice of signing up -- or helping others sign up -- for these offers for the sole purpose of getting a gift as "fraudulent."

If you began this process before they issued the new terms and conditions, I have no idea what position the company will take regarding the so-called fraudulent activity. The most prudent course would be to wait and see before completing any more "offers" on the website. For your reading enjoyment, I've pasted the most relevant portion of the amended terms and conditions below:

Posting information on a website, forum, or auction that has to do with "canceling the offers" included, but not limited to, cancellation phone numbers, cancellation time frames, and any encouragement or direction to cancel the offers after signing up with them, is strictly prohibited and constitutes grounds for termination of account and disqualification from receiving any gifts. Users that are found to have fraudulently created orders on advertisers' sites solely for the purpose of receiving credit towards a gift will be disqualified from receiving a gift. For purposes of participation in this program a user will be deemed to be Fraudulent if the user signs up for advertiser’s offers and subsequently cancels three (3) or more of those offers for which a purchase has been made within a 90 day time period from the date of signing up for the offer.

Additionally, any user that is deemed to be Fraudulent will not be given credit for any other offers that were previously completed and will be banned forever from participating in the company’s programs.

Users agree to submit accurate and valid information on all Advertiser offers. Failure to submit accurate information or valid credit card information will be considered Fraudulent and the Company will have no further obligation to provide a gift and the User will lose all credit for previous offers completed towards a gift. Additionally, any user that submits inaccurate information will be forbidden from ever participating in the company’s programs.

A user may not "walk" a prospective member through the creation of an account or any subsequent campaign activity on our sites and give directions on how to make orders on our advertisers' sites and immediately canceling the order after receiving credit. If a user is found to have "walked" a prospective member through the signup and/or offer process with instructions on which offers to complete and then cancel after receiving credit, all involved parties (both the users making the posting and the users signing up through the posting and the canceling their advertiser orders) will have their accounts placed on hold and disqualified from receiving a gift.

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Good Luck with that, NuiTech!