Tuesday, April 25, 2006


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Some of my earliest memories are from playing in my sandbox in Amarillo. When I was five, Jeremy Sanders and I heard that the world was round and if you dug deep enough, you would reach China. We decided to dig to China from my sandbox. About two feet into the excavation, we hit - and ruptured - a gas pipe. Amazingly, we confessed immediately, and my dad hit the main gas cutoff before anything blew up. Good times.

Sally and I agree that playing in the sand is a big part of growing up, so we got a sandbox for Francis this weekend. I feel a little sheepish buying a sandbox instead of building one, but the big plastic tub has its advantages. Regardless, Francis enjoys it. She spent about two hours playing in the sand yesterday.


Drew, Amber and Megan said...

where did you find that sandbox, isn't it funny what parents get excited about!

Donoghue Nation said...

I dug for China also, with the aid of my childhood pal Ryan Pfeiffer. We missed the gaslines, but my parents never quite got the hole refilled. It might still be behind the garage of the home I grew up in.

Dig Francie, dig!

Matt said...

The only way to china through this sandbox goes through plastic and concrete.

Fulmer Fam said...

Scott and his sister dug for China also and we drove by their childhood home and there is still a mysterious sinking hole in the backyard, too funny. I so was admiring all the sandboxes at Toys-R-Us the other day, but we will have to wait until next year. Yes and plastic does have a place in the world of unwanted critters and sandboxes.

ERIC WELLS said...

If I can throw my 2 cents in...buy the girl a sk8 board and start training her now and she could be the next Tony Hawk.You could build a ramp in your back yard right next to the sandbox and she could alternate between the two.I would be happy to design the ramp for you free of charge and kid friendly of course I have over thirteen years experience I would just ask that when she got famous she design her first pro-model board with me in mind,her mother could help her with that....catch ya at the Flipside...Eric

Susan said...

She looks just like you in this pic, Sal. :)