Monday, April 24, 2006

MOVIE: Francis learns her ABC's

Francis Googie says her ABC's on Vimeo

Okay, if you don't think this is the most adorable thing you've ever seen you're not my friend. Matt took this video this weekend and I can't watch it enough. Man, I love this girl. She learned how to say her name this weekend... and she can't stop singing her ABCDE's.


katherine petillo said...

I love her! That's awesome.

Kristen said...

That's definitely the cutest video! She's adorable and I love hearing her say her name.

i said...

Does this mean if I do think it's adorable then I am your friend? I sure do hope so! Cuz it's dern adorable! She can say Frances, that's the best part of that. And Matt's singing.

ERIC WELLS said... got me...its pretty darn cute and as a guy thats not a term I use the way does this mean were still friends

Matt said...

For Imron and Eric: I think Sally was clear. If you don't like the video, then you cannot be Sally's friend. She said nothing about the inverse (or the contrapositive, or whatever a logician would call it). Liking the video is a threshold requirement of being Sally's friend, but it does not guarantee her friendship.

Said another way, liking the video is a necessary but not sufficient condition for Sally's friendship.

Lea Parrott said...

TOOO CUTE!!! OK Matt, you can definitely tell that you are a lawyer from your response :-)