Tuesday, February 14, 2006

One-Year Blogoversary

Pinky Ring
Originally uploaded by Sally Gulde.
Valentines Day 2005 was our first post on this web log. This is the picture that accompanied it. Here's what Sally had to say about seven-month-old Francis:

She's adorable. Even when she's sick with snot crusted on her little nostrils and sweat rings around her little chubby neck... she's adorable. She's chewing on a pink plastic "ring" right now. She's a simple girl. She doesn't need Elmo or Baby Einstein to entertain her... she just needs a random plastic ring and
she's good to go for at least 15 mintues.

She's been giggling for the last month or so. It's insane... when she does it, I find myself getting teary eyed. She's just so beautiful.

Happy Valentines little one. Your daddy and I adore you.
We still feel the same way, especially when she walked into the bathroom this morning toting that same pink plastic ring.

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trace said...

"blogiversary" reminds me of the episode of "Friends" in which Monica and Chandler are celebrating some anniversary of theirs and Monica continues to make up witty names like "vega-versary." that's the only one i can think of though. and, to be honest, i stopped reading the entry after i got side-tracked by the reference. love y'all.