Monday, February 13, 2006

Francis goes to Chinatown

Phoenix is a popular restaurant in Chicago's Chinatown. A lot of people like it. We told Francis that. We told her that she'd love it, too. We even gave her a small breakfast so she'd be more excited about dim sum with our friends the Browns.

It didn't work.

She hated just about everything we put in front of her. I think it was our small-breakfast plan backfiring.

Eoin, on the other hand, appreciated the cultural experience and ate like a reasonable person. Maybe he was just fueling up for what turned out to be a big day for him. You see, up until that day, he'd walked about 5 steps in a row, maximum. After dim sum, Eoin strolled around the shops of Chinatown like he'd been doing it for months. Good job, Eoin. Thanks for including us in your milestone day.

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Kristen said...

We call kids like Francis passionate. "...Eoin ate like a reasonable person..." thems sounds like fightin' words to me and who am I but some distant wannabe Auntie to precious do-no-wrong Francis-cakes.