Friday, September 30, 2005

They did it!

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Kristen and Don Roedner had a baby girl! Miss Rosa Jane Roedner was born on September 24 around 11pm. Born with all of her bits and pieces, she weighed in at 7lbs 12oz and was 19.5" long. KBR had one of those great delivery stories...only 1 hour of pushing thank you very much and Don managed to make it out of the delivery room without fainting. ;) All are happy and healthy and enjoying being at home. Good job guys. We love you.

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donr said...

No, I didn't faint in the delivery room. But I sure as shootin' cried a bunch. Who wouldn't cry, faced with a wife who is strong and brave and resolute and beautiful, and a new sweet little RJ. Everyone should have a KB, and everyone should have an RJ...