Monday, September 26, 2005

Good Dog.

Scout hasn't gotten much ink here lately. I need to take this opportunity to remind everyone how good a dog he is.

He knows commands: (1) sit; (2) stay; (3) lay down; (4) leave it; (5) spin; (6) shake (both hands); (7) whisper; (8) speak; (9) stand; (10) say hello.

He's handsome. Just look at the picture.

He's good with the baby. Sure, Francis gets her face licked a few times a day, but Scout puts up with a lot from her, too. Francis's method of petting the dog looks a lot like dog punishment. I will say, however, that Scout has picked up a bad habit since Francis has been eating real food. With the constant shower of food from the highchair, Scout is becoming confused about which food is his. He snuck half a sandwich off of the table the other day. We're working on it.

We've had Scout for almost three years. We joke about this a lot, but learning how to raise Scout had a positive impact on our raising Francis. Good dog!


Francis has a new trick, too. If you say "scare me," she gives this wide-eyed, scary-mouthed look that is guaranteed to make you scream from sheer terror.

The Irish beat Washington, 36-17. Sloppy game. ND is going to have to defend the long passes if it wants to avoid a blowout loss or two this season.

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Steve and Amy Lou said...

Scout IS a great dog...and oh, so cute! I think you guys are GREAT your dog and your daughter. GO GULDES! Love, Amy