Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Stamp Game

Francis has been loving her new school, Daggett Montessori. She loves systems and being in control of her work plan. She has "x" amount of math, biology, language, etc. works that she has to do every week and can decide when to get them done. Right now, one of her favorites is the Stamp Game. It's a math work that teaches kids how to add and subtract large numbers. She's been so chatty about it, that I recently surprised her by buying one for our house. She was so adorably excited when it came in the mail. She couldn't get her hands on it fast enough to show me how it worked and even better, in keeping with the Montessori method, she couldn't wait to teach George. George, only 5, is now learning how to add four digit numbers together - and loving it.

Stamp Game
Francis teaching George how to add the Montessori way, using the Stamp Game.

Francis' s classroom, also known as my living room.


America said...

are those wooden numbers part of the set?

Sally said...

No, buy those separate. Here's the link to the ones I bought

To do the stamp game, you don't actually "need" them, I suppose, but they just add an additional visual step.

I don't know a ton about Montessori - I'm learning as I go - I would check YouTube and see if people do it without. :) FYI though... the quality of both of these materials is awesome. I would recommend buying stuff from this site. The only bummer is that it's all made in China. :(