Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Do you know about Bare books? If you don't, you should. They are awesome. My best friend, KP, told me about them a few years ago. They're super cheap, high quality empty books for kids to fill up with their stories and artwork. Certainly, the idea isn't original, but they are at such a fair price, like $1.50, they stand out as a favorite in our house. They also sell game boards you can customize, Francis has been on me about ordering one, so I'll post it when I do. Can't wait to see what game she comes up with. She is hilariously all about the rules. Don't ever play Chutes and Ladders with that girl... it takes FOREVER. I don't mean to say that I like to cheat, but people... when you land at the top of the slide for the 8th time...can't we just pretend it didn't happen? Nope. Not in this house.
Here are the front and back of the ocean themed books:
And the farm books:

I think my favorites are the completely blank books, but Francis likes the ones with the covers she can color. She likes having a "theme" for her books. She has a Farm animal book that she draws farm animals in and writes facts about them, etc. and George, well, he doesn't discriminate. He'll draw whatever, wherever. He's my free spirit. He doesn't need a themed cover...

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