Saturday, February 05, 2011

A Time For Everything.

Recently, I started up our daily scheduling again. Aside from pick-up times and drop-offs, the after school hours are filled with these things mostly. And the kids LOVE it. They love having a plan in the afternoons and I end up feeling less overwhelmed.

Monday: Gym with kids
At the recommendation from my mom, I've told the kids "if they're good, they get to go to the gym with me." And... it's actually working. They love going to the gym. And having them come in the afternoon means I have my mornings to run errands.

Tuesday: Library Day

Wednesday: Kitchen Adventure
We bake cookies mostly, but the idea is to try something new every week.

Thursday: Creative Thursday (inspired by my Squamy pal, Marisa)
Create. Paint, Draw, Build... something.

Friday: Outdoor Fun
We go outside as much as possible, but Fridays are set aside for something bigger, more planned than the backyard. Maybe a picnic in the park, chalk art in public spaces, finding a park we haven't been to, etc...

How about you? Do you schedule or play it by ear?

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