Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Amazing Mr. Ed Emberley

Ed Emberley Books
My sister first introduced me to Ed Emberley's books a few years ago. She bought a handful for her son for Christmas and when I asked her what they were, she kept saying "You don't know about Ed Emberley? Seriously? He's awesome. You should know about these (repeat)," etc. And so, like a dutiful little sister, I took note. And when my oldest started showing signs of being able to sit at a table more than 60 seconds (for us, age 4), I went out and bought a couple. Since then, I have found myself preaching the Ed Emberley gospel. Seriously, folks... she was right. He's awesome.

For those of you who didn't grow up with his books in the 60's, here's a bio. He's an illustrator that made easy step by step drawing books for kids. It's great because more than once I've heard Francis say, "I can't draw that one, it's too hard" and then minutes later, she's all smiles because she ACTUALLY DID IT and BY HERSELF. Not only does it teach her how to draw her favorite animals, but she has gained so much confidence from it as well. It's perfect for that rather unfortunate stage of childhood when your kids evolve from drawing everything to thinking they can't draw anything "right." I hate that stupid rotten evolution. I am in constant battle with it myself.
Francis's creations: Lady bug and catepillar
Francis: Ladybug and Catepiller
By Francis: monkey on rollerskates
Francis: Rollerskating Monkey

George's creation: devil (unfinished)
George: (unfinished) devil

Here are some of his books on Amazon. I actually bought mine at my local Barnes and Noble. And last week, we actually found another one at our local library so be sure to check that out. He also has a pretty nice website that has a bunch of free activities and games.


kate said...

oh WOW! I remember this guy! He had a book about making animals out of thumbprints that I looooooved.

Kurt said...

Okay, two things:

1) I grew up with these Ed Emberly books (always wondered if that was a good thng or not...guess it didn't hurt)

2)Randomly RANDOMLY out of all the pages in the world, I happen to land on yours while i was looking for something else completely in image search and see this pic of the 2 books, click, and whoa! AWESOME!!! Fate has been clicking on an upswing the last 24 hrs.

This all happened while August was standing behind me.

Much love from Sweden!!!