Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cheap Treat

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I am not a fan of fast food. I can't say I've officially banned it from my life, but unless a mom's group is meeting there or unless I'm on a road trip - you will never find me eating there. Wait, Chick-fil-a doesn't count, right? Okay, so like I said, it's not a hard and fast rule in my house, but you won't see me breakin' down any doors... until that is, I found out about this silly little key fob at Wendy's.

Wendy's has a frosty key fob that costs $1. With it, you get a free Jr. Frosty with every purchase you make there until the end of 2010. My kids always appreciate a special treat (especially with this Texas heat) and getting ice cream nowadays costs a ton. You can easily walk out of Braums having spent $7+ on ice cream that is a) way too much to spend and b) is way too much for your kid to eat. Half of it goes uneaten and I can't help but always feeling like it was a waste. Enter, the Jr. Frosty deal. Buy one, get one free and it only costs $1 plus tax. It's the size of a Dixie cup and I found out that if you ask for whipped cream on top, they add it for free. Perfect.

My kids think I rule... and I don't hate myself for wasting money.

Sure, sure... it's not in the healthy treat category, but you gotta splurge sometimes. ;)


Matt said...

I love fast food. I think about the square burgers at Wendys and want two right now. At 9:20 in the morning. Oh, their fries! Let's also talk about Arby's. America's Roast Beef, YES SIR! I would like to make a fine bedding out of their thin-sliced roast beef, burrow into the beef sheets only to emerge months later glowing and greasy. How about Burger King's fried chicken sandwich? THEY'LL MAKE IT WITH BACON IF YOU ASK. I'll take three. Throw in a number 9 from Taco Bell's value meal and that's a good start.

Wait a minute. Did you say you don't like fast food? Have we talked about this?

Kristen said...

LOL, i love matt gulde. i love the treat idea. we have a wendy's nearest us and we never go there... we'll make a dangerous left turn for sonic or drive for miles to mcd's, but not any more. wendy's here we come!