Wednesday, April 01, 2009

So adorable...

Annie ticket!
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Tonight Matt and Francis headed to the theater to see Annie. Thanks to our old neighbors in Oak Park we inadvertently ended up with their DVD movie and it has turned into a favorite for Francis. She has all the songs memorized backwards and forwards. One of her favorite afternoon activities is to have me play the soundtrack loud in the van while parked in the garage. She fills a mop bucket and scrubs our driveway - no joke. Add to that crazy scene, she'll tell me to yell at her to "scrub harder" (like Mrs. Hannigan yells). I'm sure our neighbors are talking! As luck would have it, we found out about a month ago that it was coming to town for a two day show and we scooped up two tickets.

Well, tonight was the big night. Francis could not have been more adorable and more excited about going. She decided to wear her "fancy dress" which is actually a Dorothy costume that her Aunt Denise made years ago for her cousin Jacki. ;) Francis said that it looked like an Annie dress. And she couldn't stop smiling through dinner and talking about every scene. Why is Matt the lucky parent who gets to join her? Well, we told her we bought two tickets and she could chose who she wanted to take... she thought very seriously and then responded "Mommy, I can't take you because you're two people - you and baby- and we only have two tickets. So, I'd better take Daddy." Smart girl. Let's hope the freeloader in my tummy makes an appearance soon - today is my due date afterall.


America said...

Hahaha...that is one of the funniest and cutest things I have read in a long time! I don't have a favorite is all fantastic!

Katie said...

Took me right back to my own Annie days... scrubbing the basement floors and wearing out the vinyl on the original cast recording. Can't wait to bond with Francis in person about our mutual obsession. xoxo