Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chia Sock

I recently went to a playgroup where we made homemade Chia pets (thanks to our great host and my new friend,Darla) and it turned out so great I had to share. Francis is out of her mind...she thinks this Chia sock is so hilarious.
It's super easy all you need is:

mason jar
buttons for eyes, nose, etc.
Hot glue to attach buttons
potting soil
grass seed

The instructions are likely obvious, but I'll recap for the heck of it:

1) Decorate your sock using hot glue and buttons.
2) Fill first with grass seed so it is at the top of the "head"
3) Fill with potting soil
4) Tie knot in sock
5) Place in mason jar
6) Water (the sock sits kind of down in the jar, I just filled the jar to the top every day I remembered)
7) Enjoy and cut hair when it gets too long. ;)

The photo above shows our Chia sock with about a months worth of growth.

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