Saturday, January 03, 2009

I Love Weddings.

Saturday night I had the pleasure of attending Matt's cousin's wedding in Groom, Texas. After a very long week of being in and out of the hospital that resulted in a pneumonia diagnosis for Francis and a random falling out of bed broken collar bone for Georgie, Matt decided to stay at home with the kids and encouraged me to go. He knows I love weddings. I can't help myself, camera or not, I love the energy. It's a lot more fun to have Matt there though - to squeeze his hand during the homily or have a partner in crime on the dance floor, but I did my best on Saturday and in truth, had a great time. Here are few "snap shots" from a wedding addicted photographer. Enjoy L and C - we are so happy for you two!


Kristen said...

Beautiful work, as always. You are talent my friend. Sally "Talent" Gulde.

Geoff said...

Groom, Texas – home of the largest cross in the western hemisphere. And it definitely is large.

(By the way, I was one of the last to work at Jackson Design before its doors closed in '05. Very nice photography and your logotype is quite nice, too. Kind regards.)