Friday, December 12, 2008

For all you non-believers...

Originally uploaded by ..Sally..
I really am pregnant with #3! The belly has arrived.


Julie said...

Two questions:

When are you due?

Why do you have a catsuit?

Congratulations! You two breeding, verrry gooood.

Sally said...

Dear Lord, let me clarify. I am NOT wearing a cat suit. :) That would be a enormous over the belly maternity shirt combined with black sweat pants - a very sensible and comfortable maternity staple. ;) It's just all glammed up in this b/w foggy pic.

And yes, we are great breeders. Thank you.

trace said...

hello, love! all i have to say is...your baby is due three whole months before mine is...and i ALREADY have a feaking belly. UGH! strangely, i have not gained much weight (a good thing), but the belly is too big for a 13-weeks prego with baby numero uno you all